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Content Writing Services That Strike a Balance between SEO and Storytelling

For some strange reason, most of the companies that offer content writing services in India tend to tell stories that just go on and on and on. While storytelling is important and in fact forms the backbone of content writing, especially if you want to engage the readers, it alone cannot get you there. Here, at 18th Technology, we believe that the content should also be marketable, and must be written while keeping the SEO guidelines in mind. We, unlike others, maintain a balance.

What We Write?

Anything and everything that can help increase your visibility online and leads to higher rankings in some way or the other. In general, clients come to us for:


We are of the opinion that these informational posts are a great way of connecting with the audience. It’s like you give them a reason to keep coming back, and if the blogs are good, they actually do come back. They then start looking forward to your posts. We don’t disappoint them and keep on posting blogs at regular intervals.


Articles tell your readers how much you know, and if you have been keeping tabs on the latest developments. Believe us, when we get down to article writing, you come across as a knowledgeable business and find a place in the target audience’s good books.

Press Releases

Whether you are planning to acquire another business or have just launched a new product, you must share the information with those who matter (read: key stakeholders). By writing press releases for you, we do just that.

Website Content

Off-page content is good for your business, no doubt, but it’s the on-page material (one that features on your website) that makes or breaks your impression. We have experts who know how to make you look good, online.


A business that interacts with the audience is likely to do better online, at least from SEO point of view. When you participate in forums, you get to clear the doubts if any, express your own opinion, and listen to what the audience has to say. We write on your behalf and give your audience the impression that you are accessible.

Web 2.0

To survive, you need to follow the latest standards, no matter what you do. Content writing is no exception. We make sure that the latest standards are adhered to so that your audience doesn’t get to read content that looks like it’s straight from the 80’s.


Yellow pages are passé. Today, the audience relies on online ads. We make sure that they are eye-catching and at the same time, get the word out.

Need content writing services, but do not have enough time? Can’t afford to spend too much money? Have availed such services in the past, but the final write-up didn’t turn out to be as good as you thought? Try us! Give us a call on +91 0120-4107133 or write to us at info@18thtechnology.com and do ask how we plan to address these issues.