Zend Development For Secure, High-Performance Solutions

Here, at 18th Technology, we can give you like a hundred reasons to not to hire Zend developers from any other company. But we would rather let you take a look at our work and decide for yourself. Meanwhile, you may want to know why you should go for this open-source, object-oriented web application framework in the first place and what is it that we do that others often miss out on.

The Reasons behind Using Zend Framework

Did you know many businesses in India simply hire Zend developers because the apps developed using this framework can run on any PHP stack, provided it meets the technical requirements? That’s how flexible the framework is. Other reasons include:





Our developers know their way around the framework and can make the most out of it to meet your requirements. They also know how to best use the cryptographic and secure coding tools that the framework has to offer to ensure that the security of your site or application is not compromised.

And yes, before you consider any other company for Zend development in India, do make sure they know how to take advantage of Zend’s modularity like we do!

Performance, well, that’s what the framework is aimed at. We just make sure that you actually get high-performance solutions. And just for that, we take a stage-by-stage approach, and unlike others, do not mix things up.

The Different Stages of Development

Stage 1:

We start with an in-depth analysis of your requirements so as to determine if the Zend Framework best meets them or not. We don’t want to “sell” our services even when a different platform can deliver better results. Whether you want us to develop a website or one of the apps, we never miss out on the analysis part for we want to be sure at any cost.

Stage 2:

We get down to work almost immediately. We undertake Zend development in accordance with the nature of your business and of your individual requirements. The result is an eye-catching, SEO-friendly website that’s sure to go down well with your target audience.

To know how we bring your requirements to life, give us a call on +91 0120-4107133.

Stage 3:

Here, we ensure that the development work is undertaken in tandem with the current web standards.

Stage 4:

Once we are ready with your application or website, we hand it over to our quality assurance team. They then subject it to rigorous testing for ensuring that there are no bugs whatsoever and that what you get is a robust, reliable solution.

Stage 5:

Though we keep you in the loop throughout, it is after the testing that you have an important role to play. We let you take the first look at your website, and only after you have okayed it that we work towards its launch.

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And you know what, no matter what you need, a finance/banking application, an educational website, or a community portal, you need not hire 10 different Zend developers. Call us for we are a one-stop destination and have developers who can meet your all your Zend development needs. Dial +91 0120-4107133. If you would rather write a mail, send it to info@18thtechnology.com.