OsCommerce Development Services for Getting More Footfall Online

18th Technology is one of the highly sought after providers of osCommerce development services in India. That’s because we understand how important it is for an online store to drive more traffic and increase the conversion rate. And it is this understanding that has made us embrace OsCommerce, one of the feature-rich, result-oriented e-commerce and online store management software programs. What has also drawn us towards this program is the fact that it:

  • Allows to add hundreds and thousands of products to an e-commerce site, and provides for the easy management of these products
  • Comes with simple yet effective tax, payment and shipping functionalities
  • Ensures that the payments made by the customers are fully secure
  • Leaves room for customisation and enables our osCommerce developers to customise the product catalogues, if the need be
  • Is highly flexible

The best part is that we have learnt how to take full advantage of this platform. We can easily:

Develop sites at a competitive price Introduce SEO-friendliness
Offer adequate support for the maintenance of these sites Use our expertise requirements

Reasons for Choosing OsCommerce


What’s in Store for You?

First of all, there is no licensing fee that you need to take care of. Secondly, you get to choose among different designs. We suggest that you pick one that goes down well with the nature of your business. And if you want the customers to compare the prices of different products you offer, even that’s possible with osCommerce development. Other benefits may include:

  • Ease of use: The program can be used on any web server, provided you can confirm the installation of PHP and MySQL
  • Functionalities: The program is backed by various resources that make it easier for you, the owner of the business, to set up and administer an online store without putting in too much effort
  • Integration: If you already have an e-commerce website, you can still benefit from osCommerce

Call us on +91 0120-4107133 to find out how we can integrate the program into your existing site and help you enjoy the best of both worlds.

What Do the Customers Get?

When you hire osCommerce developers, you can certainly expect a user-friendly site. In fact, the program makes it possible for the end users (or customers) to not only take note of the current shipping information, but also track the order history, if they so desire. And if they want to browse through the e-store and check out different products, they can do so without any difficulty.

Reasons for Choosing Us

Our osCommerce developers are among the best in India, and bring years of experience with them. They are there to clear your doubts, listen to what you have to stay, and bring your ideas to life. They also keep you involved. In fact, they make sure that you are the one to choose the template for the site and that your brand image is kept at the forefront while undertaking the development work.

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Need an e-commerce store that turns your competitors green with envy? Hire an osCommerce developer. Give us a call on +91 0120-4107133 or send a mail to info@18thtechnology.com to find out how we can make the program work in your favour.